Explore The Top of Lake Superior

The North Shore of Lake Superior

The Northern shoreline of Lake Superior provides some of the most spectacular views on all of Lake Superior.

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Discover what this rare gem of a destination has to offer.

Countless waterfalls, fantastic vistas, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and tranquil boreal forests abound here at the Top of Lake Superior.  Whether you are a hiker, kayaker, bird watcher, camper, fisher, or just want to get away from it all – we have what you are looking for.

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Top Activities

Long known for our fishing opportunities, the Top of Lake Superior has much more to offer.

Hundreds of kilometers of trails, of all skill levels with great vistas overlooking the grandeur of Lake Superior.

Canoe and Kayaking in sheltered areas of Lake Superior and smaller picturesque inland lakes.

Thousands of kilometers of bush roads into the heart of the boreal forest to explore via ATV and snowmobile.

Peaceful campgrounds one the Lake Superior or sheltered just off the lake.

Hundreds of waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, some that turn into spectacular ice sculptures in the winter months.

Wide open, clean skies for Northern lights and star watching.

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A Look into the Top of Lake Superior

These are just some of the sights you can expect at the Top of Lake Superior

Our views change with lighting, weather, time of year and time of day. These are pictures of some of the things to see, do and experience here along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

The places

First Nations

Lake Helen – Red Rock Indian Band
Pic River
Pays Plat
Fort William

Large Cities

Sault St Marie

Small Towns

Red Rock
Terrace Bay


Pukaskwa National Park
Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area
Lake Superior Provincial Park
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

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